Free Duplicate Finder

Free Duplicate Finder is a cross-platform software to find duplicated video (and image) files on hard disk based on similiarity. That means unlike. other duplicate finders this one does also finds duplicates which have a different resolution, frame rate and even watermarked. Free Duplicate Finder is licensed under GPLv3.

 Source code


Note: The preview feature could work only when starting recording.

1. How to Add Search Directory?.  (page 2)
2. How to Exclude Sub Derectories?  (page 3)
3. How to Start Searching?  (page 4)
4. How to Quick to Select the Items to Delete?  (page 5)
5. How to Choose the Deleting Option?  (page 6)
6. How to Use the Filter of Searching Result?  (page 7)

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