• Files: read and write a variety of file formats, including layered bitmaps and 3D files.
    Tools: many tools are available to draw on the layers.
    Edit/Select: select parts of an image with antialiasing and modify the selection as a mask.
    View: color window, layer stack window and toolbox window.
    Command line: call LazPaint from a console.
    Scripts: scripts are provided to do layer effects. You can as well write your own Python scripts.

    Color manipulation

    Colorize : set the color of an image while preserving intensities
    Shift colors : cycle colors and change colorness (saturation)
    Intensity : make colors lighter or darker without making them white
    Lightness : make colors lighter or darker by making them whiter
    Normalize : use the whole range of each color channel and alpha channel
    Negative : invert colors (with gamma correction)
    Linear negative : invert colors (without gamma correction)
    Grayscale : converts colors to grayscale with gamma correction